[ircd-ratbox] onward and upward..

Lee H lee at leeh.co.uk
Wed Dec 8 16:08:07 EST 2004


This is just a note to say where ratbox is heading atm.  2.0.5 fixed the
last major bug that we were aware of, and its currently running well on

The next 2.0 release will be in early 2005 (Jan/Feb), if we're happy with
it at that time, the 2.0 branch will become 'stable' and 1.x will be forever
cast from your memory.  2.1 will continue to be 'devel'.

As such, if youre aware of *any* issues with the 2.0 tree, let us know.

Over the past few months I have also been developing some undernet style
services (username/channel registration).  Theyre coming along pretty well
and there should be an initial release of that in early 2005.  Theres some
(but not much) info on http://services.ircd-ratbox.org, better bet is
grabbing it from CVS and poking round doc/ and help/.  Feel free to give
suggestions, operserv is already on my TODO though.

PS: You all owe me (and I suppose androsyn.. ;-) ) a pint or five.

-                       Lee H // anfl
-     Out Of Cheese Error.  Replace lesbian jam to continue.

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