[ircd-ratbox] K Lines

NetAdmin daemon at foxchat.net
Wed Aug 25 12:37:25 EDT 2004

    I noticed something odd yesterday.  I was testing a script to set
klines and noticed that the user reconnected immediately after the kline
had been set.  By that I mean, it reconnected to the same server it had
been klined from.  Thinking maybe  the script wasn't setting the kline
properly, I set the kline manually trying both nick and user at host klines
and sure enough, the user was able to reconnect to the server.  I
upgraded from 1.5-2 to 1.5-3 thinking maybe something odd was going on
with 1.5-2 but the same thing happens with 1.5-3.  Has anyone else run
across this?

PS - The IRCD is running on FreeBSD 4.10 Release and I compiled with
./configure --enable-kqueue --enable-small-net --with-maxclients=250

NetAdmin for the FoxChat.Net IRC Network.
The FoxSurfer Group
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