[ircd-ratbox] target change for messages

Lee H lee at leeh.co.uk
Thu Aug 12 22:33:40 EDT 2004


This may interest some of you..

Target Change for Messages
Lee H <lee -at- leeh.co.uk>

If the server you are using uses the target change mechanism, then
restrictions are placed on how many different users you can message 
(PRIVMSG/NOTICE) in a set timeframe.

Target change does not apply to channels, ctcp replies or messages to

You will have 10 slots of clients to message, each different client will
take up one slot.  A client doing a nick change will not use a new slot,
however a client leaving the network and reconnecting will.  You will
receive 1 new slot roughly every minute.

When all slots are filled, messages to new clients will not be accepted.
Messages to clients already filling a slot will be accepted.  If all slots
are full, you will receive the ERR_TARGCHANGE numeric, number 708 in the
:<server> 708 <yournick> <targetnick> :Targets changing too fast, message dropped

The slots are operated as a FIFO (first in, first out), so the first person
you message will be the first person removed from a slot, even if you are
still talking to this person.

The number of slots in use will be kept through a reconnection, though the
information in those slots will be dropped.  However, you will always
receive one free slot on a reconnection.  Other servers using this mechanism
will also be made aware of details about slots.

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