[ircd-ratbox] ircd-ratbox-2.0.1 released

Lee H lee at leeh.co.uk
Tue Aug 10 20:03:36 EDT 2004

md5sum: 6080c9a38d466e3109049b8bdc0072b6

This is the current release version of the 'testing' tree of ircd-ratbox.

NOTE: Whilst every effort has been made to make sure this code is usable, it
      is still not classified as a stable release.  You assume full
      responsibility for running this on a production network.

doc/whats-new.txt contains important lists of changes between 2.0 and 1.5 -
it is important you read this file before upgrading.

-- ircd-ratbox-2.0.1
- fix sending UIDs out on modes for voiced users
- fix a core with the patricia and ipv4 builds
- memory cleanups
  - dynamically allocate channel name
  - dynamically allocate channel bans
  - cleanups to struct LocalUser
  - stuff moved from struct Client -> struct LocalUser
  - build defaulted to ipv4, ip storage cleanups


BUGS: Major bugs in this release are listed in BUGS

BUG REPORTS: If you run this code and encounter problems, you must report
the bug by EMAIL to ircd-ratbox at lists.ratbox.org

Please include a gdb backtrace and keep the core file, binaries and 
modules in case the developers need them.

DISCUSSION: There is a mailing list for discussion of ratbox issues,
 To subscribe, visit:

You may also (if youre lucky) find us on #ratbox at EFNet

Other files recommended for reading: BUGS, README.FIRST, INSTALL

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