[ircd-ratbox] ircd-ratbox-1.2-2 released

Aaron Sethman androsyn at ratbox.org
Mon Sep 22 13:20:26 EDT 2003

MD5 (ircd-ratbox-1.2-2.tgz) = aaf2ed60a313be3d0553427d92022e0e

This is the current release of the 'stable' tree of ircd-ratbox.

-- ircd-ratbox-1.2-2
- fix linebuf corruption that can/will break your network
- fix a core dump on /rehash rejectcache

-- ircd-ratbox-1.2-1
- emulated EOB via PING/PONG
- added sendq_eob to class {};, controls a servers sendq after the
  burst has ended.
- new topic bursting system.  servers which have (default is off):
  topicburst = yes; in their connect {}; will be burst topics.

  burst_topicwho = yes; in channel {}; will enable bursting of 'who'
  set the topic (default is off)
- allow propagation of remote xlines from servers
- stats d (temp dlines) now uses 'd' as the character on replies
- servlink fix, ziplinks should work again now
- reject cache now defaults to on
- xlines now have two more 'special' characters:
  '#' will match any digit [0-9], '@' will match any letter [A-Za-z]


  You MUST edit your xline.conf and escape any current uses of these
  characters in the first field with '\'

-- ircd-ratbox-1.2
- fixed a fallthrough in the trace code causing wierd output
- destroy channels that are created but have no users joined to them
  in sjoin
- fixed an ifdef using hide_spoof_ips instead of hide_servers_ips

-- ircd-ratbox-1.2rc2
- removed owho/owhois, from contrib/ - use opercheats
- removed jupe from contrib/ - its just broken.
- fixed rest of contrib code, it wont broadcast wallops for local
  channels now.
- minor speedup to /list
- fixed bug with spoof lengths
- /trace will no longer give "routing information" during flatten_links
- fixed a possible core in the auth system
- removed the max_clients option from serverinfo {};, it didnt do anything

-- ircd-ratbox-1.2rc1
- fix a few bugs in the new channel membership code
- you may now specify "operspy" in oper_umodes/oper_only_umodes
- fixed the spoof notice stuff.  no_spoof_notice has gone back to being
  spoof_notice, which defaults to off.  If its set, the notice will be
  sent always, but if we're in HIDE_SPOOF_IPS, itll not give the real host
- opers are now exempt from knock-per-user limits
- a partial fix for the modunload core (seems to fix fbsd but not linux)
- fixed invite allowing users to go over the max_chans limit
- extended spoofs to be able to spoof user at host
- added spambot_exempt to auth { flags = ... }; to exempt a user from
  spambot checks in join/part
- the channel send code wasnt dealing with ONLY_CHANOPS properly, fixed.
- only show errors from unregged servers to admins.

-- ircd-ratbox-1.2beta1
- added CIDR limits to classes, to limit the amount of connections in a
  given prefix allowed.
- added a reject cache, to handle people hammering the server when
  theyre banned
- added back split delay, the duration of time after a netsplit ends to
  come out of splitmode
- removed wildcard whois
- added /quote SET OPERSTRING to give the reply of an oper
- added /quote SET ADMINSTRING to give the reply used instead of
  operstring for an admin.
- added "operspy" logging into the ircd, this adds logging and the
  usermode +Z.  the actual operspy commands are not included.

  this adds options into logging {};
    - fname_foperspylog = "path"; for local uses of operspy
    - fname_foperspyremotelog = "path"; for remote uses of operspy
  into general {};
    - operspy_admin_only, controlling whether +Z is shown to admins only
  into operator { flags = x; };
    - oper_spy, controlling whether an oper may use operspy commands
      if theyre patched in.
- the ircd will now burst nicks first, then channels.
- global "/names" now works properly again.
- massive quitstorm cleanups, this should dramatically cut the amount
  of cpu time used.
- fix to disallow our servers impersonating glines from other users


BUGS: Major bugs in this release are listed in BUGS

BUG REPORTS: If you run this code and encounter problems, you must report
 the bug in one of the following ways:
  a) By EMAIL to ircd-ratbox at lists.ratbox.org
 Please include a gdb backtrace and keep the core file, binaries and
 modules in case the developers need them.

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 To subscribe, visit:

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