[ircd-ratbox] Two small suggestions

W. Campbell wcampbel at botbay.net
Wed Sep 3 22:59:38 EDT 2003

I have two small suggestions, for devel when time permits.

The first is to make m_stats.c more modular, allowing module writers
to add their own /stats entries to the list (either as a single
character or as a string (ie "rate"))

The second is to OPTIONALLY add a couple extra int variables to a few
of the major structs (Client, Server, Channel) for module authors to
expand into without requiring patching the daemon first.  Due to the
memory issues, this should probably be #undef'ed by default.  There
should also be a define (say STRUCT_EXTENDED) that modules can check
when compiled so they can error out if the server wasn't compiled with
the extentions in place.

Both may not help EFnet (yet) but would vastly help module authors.

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