[ircd-ratbox] FLINE notice bug (ratbox-1.1-1)

Kay Bærulfsen kaysb at uten.net
Tue Jun 3 00:04:27 EDT 2003

Found a "off-by-one" bug in s_conf.c. When a I:line is full, and a clients
with a >I: line connects, the server will send a NOTICE FLINE without a
trailing newline to the client.

PING :2086869854
NOTICE FLINE :I: line is full, but you have an >I: line!:irc.avalonworks.ca
NOTICE Quai_ :*** Spoofing your IP. congrats.
:irc.avalonworks.ca NOTICE Quai_ :*** You are exempt from K/D/G/X lines.

>From the s_conf.c;

     "NOTICE FLINE :I: line is full, but you have an >I: line!\n",
     56, 0);

Maybe it should be 57, not 56?

Kay Bærulfsen

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