[ircd-ratbox] Proposal for new Channel Mode.

Lee H lee at leeh.co.uk
Thu Aug 14 23:51:27 EDT 2003

On Wed, Aug 13, 2003 at 10:41:16PM -0400, Paul Miseiko wrote:
> I propose a new channel mode, 'O'.  This channel mode, when active, 
> will grant O-line whoring privledges to clients within said channel.  
> Only an oper or admin can modify the 'O' the channel mode, and the
> channel mode can only be active if a oper or admin consistantly 
> remains in the channel.


Voiced users are exempt from channel flood limits, and id be loathe to
imlpement something just so people can flood channels with stupid
ascii. :)

Lee H

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