[ircd-ratbox] While we're talking about features...

Steven King cking at blessed.net
Fri Aug 8 16:42:24 EDT 2003

While we are on new features..

I spoke w/ Aaron earlier on IRC and thought maybe I should post it here..

I would like to see "/stats Y" show current connection count for each 

ie. Y users 120 0 10000 307200 5.2 0.2 8250

where the 10000 is the limit and the 8250 is what is currently connected 
in that class..

W. Campbell wrote:

>Something beneficial in my opinion would be an auth{} based exemption
>from serverhide.  This could be used for non-opered monitor scripts,
>mappers, and "privileged" non-opers.  Yes/no?
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