[ircd-ratbox] Feature request2: +d channel mode, gecos ban

Joakim Axelsson gozem at aaricia.hemmet.chalmers.se
Fri Aug 8 12:50:19 EDT 2003


In recent reading of EFnet related forums i see that a request by the users
for a channel mode +d to ban clients by thier gecos is increasing.

It would be nice if this was implemented so it could be moved for a vote on
EFnet. I think both ratbox and hybrid already have code for matching gecos,
only need to add the handling of the channel mode.

The +d is for historical reasons from old hybrid who had it but was removed
due to a bug. Don't ask me what the d stand for :-)

I don't think we need an exempt for the gecos ban since client can change
thier gecos much easier that thier ident at host.

Any questions? Was i unclear? Please ask me.

Thank you.

/Joakim Axelsson A.K.A Gozem at EFnet

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