[ircd-ratbox] Feature request: Better reasons in bans (kill/kline/dline/xline etc)

Joakim Axelsson gozem at aaricia.hemmet.chalmers.se
Fri Aug 8 10:50:09 EDT 2003


I'd like to request a small feature add for next version of your ircds. I'd
like from the ircd.conf be able to add a text-string that is also sent to
users upon any unnormal exit form the server (serverside forced exit or

This includes:
kill (local, remote, nick collisions, every kill)
Unauthorized client
Rejected due too many clients per IP
Rejected due to full class
Rejected due to full server
Any other reason/event for serverside initiated quit i missed above.

In this text *I* would add an url where users can go and have a better
reasons than "go to hell stupid spammer" which so often occur on atleast
EFnet. I've seen an increase in the questions users ask to what the reason
they are given means. I would also want to put information about how to
clean them self and how to get the ban lifted from the server.

I'd want one text for each serverside kill/exit to be able to write
differnet pages for each event. I dont think this is a too hard thing to
add. Just sending one extra server notice with the text after the kill and
before the close of the socket.

Any questions? Was I unclear? Please ask.

Thank you.

/Joakim Axelsson A.K.A Gozem at EFnet

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