[ircd-ratbox] ircd-ratbox-1.0rc4 released

Lee H lee@leeh.co.uk
Fri, 20 Sep 2002 12:01:55 +0100

md5: ba03f97206e0e756653a2c63e2b6cb5f  ircd-ratbox-1.0rc4.tgz

-- ircd-ratbox-1.0 RELNOTES

-- ircd-ratbox-1.0-rc4
- RESVs are now written to a file and will be kept through a restart.
   By default they are written to IRCD_PREFIX/etc/resv.conf which
   means if you have ircd.conf style resv {}; in this file it must
   be renamed.
- added rehash tdlines, fixed behaviour of rehash tklines to not
   clear temp dlines too
- added rehash pglines to clear pending glines
- foperlog code has been fixed
- the directives fname_userlog, fname_operlog and fname_foperlog
   have been moved from general {}; to logging {};
- stats U will now show the user@host and privs of a shared {};
- stats_i_oper_only and stats_k_oper_only have been fixed
- a pending gline desync issue has been fixed
- encrypted passwords in oper {}; are now specified per oper block.
   They will default to being encrypted, any unencrypted passwords
   in oper {}; must also have "encrypted = no;"
- encrypted passwords in auth {}; are now supported.  To use them
   encrypt your password (DES or MD5) and set "encrypted = yes;"
- fixed notice @#channel to not echo back to sender
- Hwys rsa_respond-insecure.diff has been added to tools/rsa_respond/.
   This diff will allow rsa_respond to be called from a script, read
   the top of the diff for more information.


This is the current release candidate version of ircd-ratbox.

NOTE: This is still BETA code.  Run it at your own risk.  By running this
  code you assume FULL responsibility for any problems it may cause.  We do
  NOT recommend that you run BETA code on production IRC networks such
  as EFnet.

BUGS: Major bugs in this release are listed in BUGS

BUG REPORTS: If you run this code and encounter problems, you must report
  the bug in one of the following ways:
   a) By EMAIL to ircd-ratbox@lists.ratbox.org
  Please include a gdb backtrace and keep the core file, binaries and
  modules in case the developers need them.

DISCUSSION: There is a mailing list for discussion of ratbox issues,
  To subscribe, visit:

Please read doc/whats-new.txt for information about what is in this release

Other files recommended for reading: BUGS, README.FIRST, INSTALL

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