[ircd-ratbox] ircd-ratbox-1.0rc6 released

Lee H lee@leeh.co.uk
Thu, 31 Oct 2002 20:27:52 +0000

md5: a565bfc628a39be8e868029f049fefc5  ircd-ratbox-1.0rc6.tgz

-- ircd-ratbox-1.0 RELNOTES

-- ircd-ratbox-1.0-rc6
- changed error message on failed /challenge attempt to say failed
  CHALLENGE and not failed OPER
- added clarity in dupe gline notices, will now state either
  "oper has already voted" or "server has already voted"
- oper reasons are now shown again in the kline message, but still
  cant be seen in stats k, this will be fixed in ratbox-1.1
- mkpasswd has been updated
- added a note to README.FIRST about the fbsd ipv6-in-ipv4 problem
- fixed an identd/username bug


This is the current release candidate version of ircd-ratbox.

NOTE: This is still BETA code.  Run it at your own risk.  By running this
code you assume FULL responsibility for any problems it may cause. We do
NOT recommend that you run BETA code on production IRC networks such as EFnet.

BUGS: Major bugs in this release are listed in BUGS

BUG REPORTS: If you run this code and encounter problems, you must
 the bug in one of the following ways:
  a) By EMAIL to ircd-ratbox@lists.ratbox.org
 Please include a gdb backtrace and keep the core file, binaries and
 modules in case the developers need them.

DISCUSSION: There is a mailing list for discussion of ratbox issues,
 To subscribe, visit:

Please read doc/whats-new.txt for information about what is in this release

Other files recommended for reading: BUGS, README.FIRST, INSTALL

$Id: RELNOTES,v 1.63 2002/10/31 20:19:05 leeh Exp $

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